Sabah, the 36-year-old, trains men in boxing (photos)


36-year-old Sabah Abdel Halim Saqr trains the young men to box twice a week in a small training hall in the Egyptian city of Beni Suef.

A woman trains men, it may not be so surprising in the capital, but in Beni Suef, 100 kilometers south of Cairo and in an agricultural area, tradition usually reduces women’s roles..

Sabah, who was discovered by a coach who admired her strength and energy, said that she started entering this game by chance and did not like it at all because it was a violent sport..

But she succeeded and won several championships and won more than 10 medals before she started training two years ago.

She is now a working mother with one son and has trained about 20 men between the ages of 18 and 30.

Sabah said that the people of Upper Egypt did not accept the matter at first for a woman training boxing, but gradually they began to accept the situation. “.

And she continued to treat her seriously, which earned her the respect and trust of people.

Amr Salah El-Din, the trainee, said after overcoming his weakness in the beginning that he did not want to train in this sport and that a woman trains men, especially since this is not desirable in the Egyptian countryside.

He added that Sabah’s experience and superiority, especially in a rural town that does not have boxing trainers, forced us to accept the idea, and we became diligent in training..

“I would like to tell the young people that it is possible to accept the idea of ​​a woman training boys, and everyone should see the trainer as if a man is training him and not a woman,” said Mohamed Sayed Abdel Halim, one of the trainees with Sabah.


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