Saad Ramadan shows a large tattoo on his arm.. The audience criticizes him harshly, and this is what he explained! (Video)


After he appeared with a large tattoo on his arm and his followers were upset about it, the Lebanese star Saad Ramadan decided to clarify the matter through a video clip that he published via the “Tik Tok” application, and he appeared in it holding a picture of a large tattoo and quickly placed it directly on his hand in a quick movement, after which the tattoo appeared as He adorns his entire arm.

Saad announced through the comment that he retracted the decision to put any tattoo in the future, after the criticism against him and the comments rejecting this, on the picture he published and on his hand a large tattoo.Saad commented on the clip with wit, saying: “If I am a thinker, I do tattoos. Your comments changed my mind. Do you think I respect him and I care a lot… I love you.”


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