Russian sports minister calls for reforms after European Championship exit


Russian Sports Minister Oleg Matitsyn has called for the right conclusions to be drawn and for grassroots football reforms after Russia’s early exit from the European Football Championship.

The Russian team bid farewell to the continental championship from the group stage, after losing against Denmark, yesterday, Monday, in the third and final round of the second group competition, with a broad result of four goals against one goal, knowing that the Russian team had suffered a severe defeat in the first round at the hands of the Belgian team , 3-0, before achieving a narrow victory in the second round, 1-0, against the submerged Finland team.

The Ministry of Sports, together with the Russian Football Federation, will analyze the results of the Russian national team’s performance in the European Cup. According to Sports Minister Matitsyn, it is necessary to draw the right conclusions and carry out grassroots football reforms. “The victory over Finland and two big defeats from Belgium and Denmark are disappointing results for the players of the Russian national team,” the minister added in statements published by the Russian Sports Ministry’s website. Together with the Russian Football Federation, we have to analyze the reason for the disappointing performance in the European Championship.”

Matitsyn stressed the need to draw the right conclusions from mistakes, implement reforms aimed at creating a unified and effective grass-roots football system, and also stressed the need to give the main priorities to the development of coaches and the creation of an open competitive environment for athletes with objective selection criteria.


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