Russian 6-time world champion Ashkelidin dies at the age of 31


Russian 6-time world champion Ashkelidin dies at the age of 31

Midfielder for the Russian hockey team Maxim Ashkedin, the six-time world champion, died suddenly at the age of 31, on Saturday, according to the press officer of the Novosibirsk club.

The club’s media spokesman, Dmitry Kondratiev, stated that the cause of the death of the Russian player was due to a blood clot he suffered while he was sleeping.

He said: “In the evening Echchlidden went to bed, and in the morning his wife found him dead, and the initial diagnosis of death was a blood clot.”

Kondratiev continued: “As far as I know, he did not drink alcohol, was living a fully healthy life, traveled a lot, and there were no symptoms of any health defect.”

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The Russian Hockey Federation mourned the player: “This is an irreparable loss to the world of international hockey and all Russian sports.”

Echchildin won the gold medal at the World Championships six times and silver twice with his country.

He also won five club titles in the Russian League and twice held the Russian Cup.



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