Russia ignites the atmosphere of the Black Sea!


On Wednesday night, the Russian Ministry of Defense published aerial videos of the British destroyer, which was talked about breaking into Russian territorial waters off the Crimea.The Russian Defense account on Facebook wrote that this footage was taken by the Russian Black Sea Fleet and the Border Protection Service of the Russian Security Service.

She stated that what happened in the Black Sea was to prevent the Russian destroyer British destroyer “Defender” from penetrating the maritime borders of the Russian Federation.

The first part of the footage, apparently captured by a drone, shows a Russian warship approaching a British destroyer.In the second part of the video, filmed by a fighter jet, Russian fighters were flying over the British ship.

The Russian Defense Ministry had reported earlier that a Russian warplane and a patrol ship had fired warning shots at a British warship that had entered Russian territorial waters in the Black Sea.

On the other hand, the British Ministry of Defense said on Twitter: “No warning shots were directed at (HMS Defender),” confirming that “the Royal Navy ship crosses Ukrainian territorial waters in accordance with international law.”

She emphasized that “no shots were directed at (HMS Defender), and we do not recognize the announcement of bombs being fired in its sailing line.”

The incident took place off the coast of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula, which Russia annexed in March 2014, and where it maintains a naval base.

It is not rare for accidents to occur between planes or ships on Russia’s borders, especially in a period of tension with the West, but warning shots, if proven, will set a precedent in this type of accident.
The incident took place a few days before the military exercises “Sea Breeze 2021”, which take place between June 28 and July 10 with the participation of the United States, other NATO countries and Ukraine in the Black Sea, and angered Moscow, as the British destroyer is in the region to participate in it.


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