Russia and China are developing combat satellites


General John Raymond, Chief of Staff of the US Space Forces, announced that Russia and China are working on the production of advanced space weapons, including lasers and combat satellites.The general said in a hearing in the US Congress, “During three decades, we believed in secured access and freedom of maneuver (in space), but unfortunately this situation is different now. China, which represents an increasing threat, and Russia are working to produce two things: the first – space capabilities for private use, to provide capabilities Like ours, and secondly – they are working to create systems designed to meet the potential that America has.”

He adds, “These projects include the production of active jamming devices for a group of satellites operating in the GPS and communications system, and directed energy systems, which can “blind” and disable our satellites, as well as special satellites whose mission is to destroy American satellites, and cyber capabilities, which can prevent our work. in the space.

According to him, however, the funds allocated by Congress to the US military will help “surpass the growing threat” from Russia and China.


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