Royal flavored paper.. Megan Markle’s book tops Amazon


Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s children’s book The Bench jumped to number one on Amazon’s bestseller within hours of taking over the top five.

According to “The Mirror”, the book “The Bench” is based on a poem written by the Duchess of Sussex about Prince Harry’s first father’s day. It is based on an exploration of the special relationship between father and son as seen by the mother’s eyes.

The 40-page book, valued at $18.42 (£12.99), is illustrated with pictures of a family including one of Meghan cuddling a newborn in a possible nod to their newborn daughter, Lily Diana.

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Despite a bumpy start that saw the book creep up to number 100 on the Amazon chart, it has now flown to number five on the UK children’s book list.

It was expected to rise, and it had already reached the number one spot in the website’s “Fantasy about the value and virtues of children” subcategory.

People have already picked up copies online and shared their thoughts in the Reviews section with the book that seems to have split opinion among readers.


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