Ronaldo’s goal against Germany stuns observers. This is what the 36-year-old did | sport


Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo grabbed the spotlight in the Germany-Portugal match after he ran along the field in less than 15 seconds when he scored the first goal.
Ronaldo was in his country’s penalty area during a corner for the German team, before the Portuguese players rushed in a counterattack at the time when the Portuguese star ran along the field.
While Diogo Utah was running to get the ball on the left side of the Portuguese attack, Ronaldo rushed into the depth and was positioned in a place that allowed him to score the goal and received the necessary pass from Utah and scored it in the goal.
The 36-year-old Portuguese star kicked out of his team’s penalty area at the 14th minute and 4 seconds before hitting the German goal at the 14th and 19th minute, which means that he ran 92 meters in less than 15 seconds.
The record time of the historical Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt, in the 100 meters races is 9 seconds and 58 parts of a second, and the average time taken for a person to run a distance of 100 meters is 14 seconds, according to the British “Trackspikes” website, which means that Ronaldo traveled 8 meters less in Almost the same time.
Mathematically, the Portuguese star’s average speed was 23.4 km / h, while press reports indicated that his peak speed was 32 km / h.
Source: agencies


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