Ronaldo threatened with penalties for Coca-Cola


Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo’s behavior sparked a lot of controversy through the media and social networking sites after he removed a bottle of Coca-Cola from his face during a press conference, calling on everyone to maintain their health and listen to nutrition experts.

The current Juventus striker threw away a bottle of soda during his press conference, which was held before his team’s match with Hungary in the framework of the European Nations Cup, and the Portuguese player said, advising everyone, “Drink water,” indicating that these soft drinks have many health disadvantages.


The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that Ronaldo’s behavior will lead to a crisis, given that “Coca-Cola” is one of the most important official sponsors of the “Euro 2020” tournament, and a bottle of “Coca-Cola” is already permanently present in press conferences in front of players and coaches.

Ronaldo, 36, is accustomed to extreme discipline in his personal life. He also exercises permanently and maintains a diet, which contributed to maintaining his physical fitness and his presence in the stadiums despite his old age.

Ronaldo had previously said about the possibility of his son’s success in professional football: “We will see if my son becomes a great player, but he is not currently because he drinks soft drinks and eats French fries, and he knows I don’t like it, however he insists on that.” Actions”.

And the Portuguese player had previously participated in a campaign for Pepsi, which means a sharp conflict in the positions of the former player of Manchester United and Real Madrid, so we have to wait, will Ronaldo be punished for his behavior in the press conference or not?


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