Ronaldo inaugurates the Hotel of Dreams in the Spanish capital Madrid | Football


Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, opened a hotel in the Spanish capital (Madrid), on Monday, within the chain of hotels owned by his commercial group.

Ronaldo owns a commercial group called “CR7”, and it currently includes 3 hotels, two of which are in Portugal, and a hotel will soon be equipped in the tourist city of Marrakesh in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Georgina, who was reported to have married her secretly in Morocco two years ago, congratulated Ronaldo, describing the new hotel as the “Dreams” hotel without revealing any dreams you mean, at a time when the Portuguese star did not hide his desire to return to Real Madrid, which has already become a dream for the Don. After 3 unsuccessful years in Italian Juventus.

The hotel was built in an ancient building that was a historical library, and was built in 1923 in the center of the capital (Madrid), and the hotel consists of 168 rooms spread over 10 floors, and also includes international restaurants, a swimming pool and a fitness hall.

Ronaldo invited his fans to stay in the hotel, which opened a few days before the start of Euro 2020, in which the Don dreams of winning the title for the second time in a row, and he also dreams of becoming the national team’s top scorer as well.

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