Rodriguez opens fire on Colombia coach


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Colombian James Rodriguez, the Everton player, accused the coaching staff of his country, led by Reinaldo Rueda, of disrespecting him when he did not include him in the list of “Los Cafeteros” that will compete in the Copa America..

In an interview on “Instagram Live,” the 29-year-old midfielder said: “I was not in a bad shape, I was in a physical condition that would allow me to play the Copa America, but it is the decision of the technical staff. I don’t agree with him because they didn’t respect me».

The former Real Madrid and Bayern Munich player added: “It is different if someone says to me: I will not call you because you do not like me as a player. If so, I’ll shut my mouth and leave».

On May 30, Rueda stated that he did not call James for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Qatar, against Peru and Argentina, as well as for the Copa America, in order to take care of him and to complete his physical recovery “as it should.”».

And the coach explained at the time: “I told James that I had taken the decision to exclude him from the list so that he could complete his recovery process as it should,” after a season in which the midfielder suffered many injuries..

Khamis expressed his frustration at Rueda’s decision, and confirmed that he had completed his recovery process and was in a physical condition that allowed him to play.

In response to a question about the possibility of his return to Real Madrid after the Italian Carlo Ancelotti took over the royal team, the midfielder confirmed: “I do not think, this was a stage and it ended.”».


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