Riyadh Newspaper | “Health” spokesperson: You can receive different doses of the Corona vaccine


“Health” spokesperson: You can receive different doses of the Corona vaccine

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, said that there are no changes in the curve in terms of numbers that range in a limited number, which makes us constantly monitor them and hope that we will move in positive directions through two things, namely the demand for vaccination, and commitment to applying precautionary measures, as well as the case with For critical cases that correspond to the recorded cases.

Regarding the progress of vaccines in the Kingdom, Dr. Al-Abdali said that the number of doses of Corona Covid-19 vaccines reached 15723,493 given doses, in all Corona vaccine centers in the Kingdom’s regions, which number exceeds 590 centers. Contributed to reaching the goals of the vaccine campaign to avoid this pandemic.

Dr. Al-Abdali explained that the postponement of giving the second dose is to give the community as much as possible, at least a first dose, to give the community the highest level of immunity. Noting that about 14.5 million people have been given a dose of the Corona vaccine, he indicated that the national committees are studying the expansion of giving vaccines to the age groups 12-18 years.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health confirmed that the two vaccines approved in the Kingdom are Pfizer and Zenica, and they are the vaccines approved by the Food and Drug General Authority.

Dr. Al-Abd Al-Aali added that 1017 new cases of the new Corona virus (COVID-19) were recorded, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the Kingdom to (465,797), including (10132) active cases that are still receiving medical care, and most of them are in reassuring health, including (1575) Critical condition.

This came during the press conference held today, Sunday, with the participation of the official spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Hussein, noting that the number of people recovered in the Kingdom, praise be to God, reached (448093) cases, adding (1133) new cases of recovery. The number of deaths reached (7572), with the addition of (19) new deaths, “may God have mercy on them all.”

For his part, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Hussein, stated that after 48 days, specifically starting from Sunday 22 Dhu Al-Hijjah 1442 AH corresponding to August 1, 2021, non-vaccinated people will not be allowed to enter commercial facilities, centers and malls, “according to what the Ministry of Interior announced, adding that it is stipulated that The shopper will then be: (two-dose immunized, or a single-dose immunized, or a recovering immunized) according to the situation in the Tawakkalna application, with the exception of the age or health groups that are not obligated to the vaccine.

He pointed out that the commitment was high during the last period, and the discipline was remarkable, which contributed to allowing some activities and services that were restricted earlier.

He pointed out that the dressing rooms were reopened and touch screens were allowed to be used in shops, malls and commercial centers, while ensuring continuous disinfection and social distancing.

The official spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce reiterated the 4 practices that lead to crowding inside and outside commercial establishments, which are still prohibited, namely: banning inviting celebrities and advertisers, banning opening ceremonies for shops and markets, banning commercial competitions “that require attendance, and banning occasions to launch products or services.”

He indicated that they are still continuing to adhere to preventive precautions, by conducting 103,274 inspection visits, during which 3,436 immediate violations were recorded.

These violations included a violating restaurant in Al-Ahsa, which held an opening ceremony and gathering that exceeded the capacity, and used an advertiser on “Snapchat”, and the violators were fined in cooperation with the Al-Ahsa Municipality and Police.

And a fine of 300,000 riyals recently imposed by the Ministry of Commerce against a company that established a gathering of Snapchat celebrities in Riyadh in an explicit violation of the precautionary measures, as well as the closure of a violating cafe in Riyadh that held an opening party in the presence of players and celebrities, and was fined 60 thousand riyals, and the closure of a violating commercial complex in Hafr Al-Batin It did not adhere to the carrying capacity, and caused a large crowd of shoppers.



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