Rise up, put on your military uniform, and expose those near and far


Former MP Nabil Nicolas sent a letter to the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, in which he indicated that, “After the Lebanese people have run out of patience with the economic, living and security conditions, I turn to you, and you are the one who swears by the constitution in the governorate.” On the homeland, the land and the people, and by turning the tables on the heads of everyone, including ministers, even if they have resigned, and current representatives, and judges, to force them to carry out their constitutional duty, whether it is monitoring or accountability.

He continued, “There is no electricity, no water, no fuels with all its derivatives, no medicine, and soon no hospitals, no foodstuffs, except for the lucky ones. Everyone knows that the responsibility rests with the executive and legislative authorities, but when these authorities do not perform their national duty. The judiciary must act, and hold all the negligent accountable, and here all immunities fall because it is a described and well-known crime.Where is the financial public prosecutor who is entrusted with monitoring all financial infringements?Where is the executive public prosecutor who is primarily responsible for protecting the homeland, not for himself, and for the status of those claiming their recognized constitutional rights It is universally held in prisons just for a claim.”

Nicholas continued his message: “I knew you as a rebel against injustice, and against the Cairo ‘establishment’ of the people, and you do not need a position because you are higher than all positions. I knew you as a general who bears witness to the truth, and you taught us to say it until martyrdom. Rise up, wear your military uniform, and expose those near and far.. You used to tell me that death is a better martyrdom than a slow clinical death.Come back to General Michel Aoun, strike your hand on the table, and tell the Lebanese the truth from A to Z because Lebanon and the truth are twins.The war in Lebanon will not end until we tell each other the truth, no matter how difficult it is. And harsh. I was brought up, and I grew up on the saying of life, a pause of pride, and I learned from you to take courage. I am confident that you will save the country, and there is no room any longer to slow down, you taught me honesty, you have a long life. “


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