Rima Rahbani reveals the latest photo of “Neighbor of the Moon” Fairuz


10:23 PM

Thursday 24 June 2021

I wrote – Mona El Mougy:

Rima Rahbani, daughter of the great singer Fairuz, “Neighbor of the Moon”, revealed a new photo of her mother, through her personal account on the “Facebook” website.

Fayrouz appeared in the picture next to her daughter, and the latter wrote in a comment, “Sylvie and the past is behind me.”

The comments of Rima’s page followers, and the fans of the artist, Fairuz, poured out on the photo, expressing the great love that the Arab public feels towards Fairuz, and the extent of their appreciation for her art, and for the works she provided throughout her artistic career.

It is worth noting that last January, the Lebanese artist, Fayrouz, mourned the late musician Elias Rahbani, after his death from the new Corona virus “Covid-19”, at the age of 83.

Fayrouz shared a video on her official page showing the late Elias Rahbani, with music composed by “Al Rahbani” for the song “Abandoned the Hot Lovers”.

The deceased belongs to the Rahbani family, and is the brother of the late Mansour and Assi Rahbani.


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