Rijkamp: History would have changed with Al Hilal, and why did Al Somah stay in Saudi Arabia?


Laurent Rijkamp, ​​the former coach of Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia, expressed his astonishment that Omar Al-Soma stayed with the team for all those years, praising the Syrian player, his diligence, and his professionalism in training, matches and on a personal level.

Rijkamp had taken over the task of training Al-Ahly, succeeding Serbian coach Vladan Milojevic, in the last part of the last season of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup for Saudi Professionals, but he did not achieve the desired results locally and continentally, so the administration did not renew his contract, which expired at the end of the season.

What did Regekamp say about his experience with Al-Ahly?

The Romanian coach had an interview with the Emirati newspaper, Al-Ittihad, in which he stressed his happiness with his short experience with Al-Ahly, noting that the time and conditions were never appropriate there, as he had many administrative and financial problems around him.

He added to the newspaper, “I spent a short time in Al-Ahly, but it was a challenge and I was happy to live this time with them, and I will see what happens in the future. I went at a time when there were a lot of things in the club, I arrived with a president and after a week there was another president, and there are many problems for the players.” Because of their dues, I tried to adapt to the situation and extract the best from the players, and I think it was a very good experience.”

Rijkamp: History would have changed with Al Hilal if we had won the 2014 Champions League

Rijkamp also returned to his previous experience with Al Hilal, explaining that winning the 2014 AFC Champions League, which he said would have been deserved at the time, would have changed history.

“I communicate with the people I worked with at Al Hilal and we have beautiful memories together and it was a great time, and if we had won the Champions League in 2014, which we deserved to win, history would have been different, but we have to live with that,” he said.

What did Regekamp say about the survival of Soma in the Saudi League?

The coach, who worked for a long time in the Emirates, criticized the Syrian striker’s stay in the Saudi League, saying, “I do not know why Omar Al-Soma chose to play in the Saudi League only and did not play in Europe. His level is amazing, whether in training or in his personal life. He is a professional and good player.”

It is noteworthy that Al-Soma had a historic career with Al-Ahly in the Saudi League, as he joined him in 2014, and was crowned top scorer in the championship 3 times in a row, and he is currently the historical top scorer in the Saudi Professional League after he surpassed Nasser Al-Shamrani during the last season.

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