Revealing the reasons for Guardiola’s desire to get rid of Mahrez


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Recently, it was reported that Riyad Mahrez is living his last days in Manchester City, and that the club is about to sell him this summer.

Mahrez’s contract at Al-Ittihad is still in place until the summer of 2023, and when asked about his future, he confirmed that he wanted to retire with Al-Samawi.

But the Algerian international’s efforts to continue with the English Premier League champion seem to be unsuccessful, after new reports emerged that his place with Pep Guardiola’s battalion is not guaranteed.

Why do Manchester City and Guardiola consider selling Riyad Mahrez?

According to ESPN, sources inside Manchester City, lack of continuity is the first reason Guardiola is considering getting rid of Mahrez.

The 29-year-old performed well in the past season, especially in the Champions League, but at the same time he has been volatile throughout the whole season, which the Spanish coach does not like.

The network at the end of its report said that despite Mahrez’s good performance, “his continuation in Manchester City next season is not certain” so far.

It should be noted here that there is another economic factor that comes beside discontinuity And it is City’s desire to sign Jack Grealish, so the sale of Mahrez, as well as Raheem Sterling, may provide the necessary funds for this huge deal..

What are the possible destinations for Riyad Mahrez?

In the event that Manchester City decides to sell Mahrez, there are plenty of potential destinations for the former Leicester City star.

The latest news had indicated that Barcelona officials had met with Mahrez’s representatives and asked about the possibility of him joining the Blaugrana.

Paris Saint-Germain also remains among the clubs with which the Algerian is expected to be associated a lot.

In the English Premier League, the newspapers had indicated a great admiration for Arsenal in particular with Mahrez, despite acknowledging the difficulty of his inclusion.

What did Riyad Mahrez do this season?

Riyad Mahrez played 48 games with Manchester City last season at various levels, during which he scored 14 goals and assisted 9 others.

One of Mahrez’s achievements this season was his scoring back and forth in the Champions League quarter- and semi-final against Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain, respectively.

In the end, Mahrez won the Premier League trophy and the Carabao Cup, while he was eliminated from the FA Cup semi-finals and lost the Champions League at the hands of Chelsea.

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