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5 days before his stay, tickets for the upcoming Amr Diab concert, which is scheduled to be held on Friday, June 18, at the “Jeddah Super Dome” (JSD) theater opposite Al-Jawhara Stadium in Jeddah, ran out, as part of a summer concert season sponsored by the Saudi Entertainment Authority.

Amr Diab had published the concert poster about two weeks ago, and concert tickets ranging from 490 riyals ($130) to 2875 riyals ($770) were sold out in just 10 days.

Strong entertainment season موسم

The Amr Diab concert is the first activity to be held at the Jeddah Super Dome, which opened in early June, to be dedicated to hosting entertainment events, and was registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest columnless dome in the world.

The new theater is an indication of Saudi Arabia’s orientation towards entertainment tourism. The day after the “Hadaba” concert, tickets will be released for another concert by Egyptian singer Mohamed Hamaki, which will be held on the same stage on the following Friday, June 25.

Other concerts in Riyadh

In addition to Jeddah’s concerts, Riyadh, as a second destination on the Saudi entertainment map, is attending a weekly party season, as Riyadh hosted several concerts for Arab singers, including Muhammad Abdo, Najwa Karam, Majed Al Mohandes, and Nabil Shuail, and this weekend, on Thursday, June 17, the Elisa and Wael concert will be held. Kfoury, and Friday, June 18, Rashed Al Majed concert.

return with caution

Saudi Arabia is seeking to restore recreational and group activities, but with several precautionary requirements. The company organizing the party announced several health requirements that are binding on attendance, such as restricting entry to the immune, which is illustrated by the “Tawakkalna” application, without which it is not possible to attend. Children are also prohibited from attending, and it is preferable not to attend adults Age (65 years and over), emphasizing the necessity of wearing masks, undergoing a temperature check upon entry, and finally adhering to social distancing and precautionary measures.

seasons for two years

And in compensation for the past year, which obligated the world’s population to stay in their homes, it was announced the return of entertainment seasons in Saudi Arabia under the slogan “seasons for two years”, which is expected to include more diverse activities than previous seasons, and the seasons are scheduled to return in the last quarter of the year. current 2021.

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