Requiring public places to be safe


The Saudi Health Council tends to oblige government or private agencies, which have a public place at their disposal, to provide emergency safety for visitors to places available to the public – free or in return – which include mosques, workplaces, markets, malls, hotels, restaurants, cafes, and museums. Theatres, cinemas, stadiums, theaters, educational facilities, including university cities, gardens, parks, clubs, roads, corridors, beaches, various means of transportation, exhibitions, and so on.incremental application

This came in the context of the draft Ambulatory Safety System in Public Places, which the Council intends to put forward, to take the opinions of the public, and which stipulates that this system shall be applied to the supervisory authorities, and the application shall be gradually, according to what is specified by the regulation, and within a period not exceeding 4 years from the date of entry into force the system.

Work environment

The system aims to implement safety requirements, including purchasing devices in accordance with the required safety requirements, in addition to training 10% of employees on the use of devices and methods of first aiding the injured. In small companies, often, what is required is to train only one person, and the direct effect of this will be to speed up the injured in the event of an accident in the work environment, reduce the exacerbation of injury, and save lives.

Regulatory Gap

In the context of the project, the Council pointed out that the public interest in putting forward the proposal is to bridge an organizational gap towards creating a complete system that enhances health and promotes emergency safety in public sites, after reviewing the scientific literature and practical practices, and reviewing local and international systems, where there were There is a need to enact a system to provide emergency safety for visitors to public places.

specialized committees

The Council stressed that the preparation of the system came out of the high importance and impact of emergency safety in public sites where there are human gatherings in upgrading health care for the visitors of those sites, and given the importance of emergency safety in public sites, where the Saudi Health Council, through its committees, was briefed The competent authority, on the initiative put forward by the Saudi Red Crescent Authority “Ambulatory Safety Requirements in Public Sites.” The council reviewed local and international regulations, literature and scientific practices in this field, and it was concluded that there is a need for a system that obliges all parties where there are human gatherings to apply specific requirements that achieve the purpose of the system.

Authorities concerned with the system:

01 Saudi Red Crescent Authority

02 Ministry of Health

03 General Directorate of Civil Defense

04 Ministry of the Interior

05 Ministry of Education

06 Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance

07 Ministry of Tourism

08 Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing

09 Ministry of Culture

10 General Entertainment Authority

11 Ministry of Transport

12 Ministry of Commerce

13 Ministry of Sports

14 Council of Saudi Chambers

15 The Saudi Building Code National Committee


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