Report: Queen Elizabeth invited Prince Harry to lunch with her at Windsor Castle


Report: Queen Elizabeth invited Prince Harry to lunch with her at Windsor Castle

Tuesday – 27 Shawwal 1442 AH – 08 June 2021 AD

Queen Elizabeth with Prince Harry (Reuters)

London: «Middle East Online»

Queen Elizabeth II has invited Britain’s Prince Harry to lunch at Windsor Castle next month, a royal source said, in their first private meeting since Harry left the royal family.
The source told the British newspaper “Daily Mail” that the Duke of Sussex will meet with his grandmother for a “chance to discuss things” during his visit to the United Kingdom next month for the unveiling of the statue of Princess Diana, which will be placed in the garden of Kensington Palace to celebrate her 60th birthday.
The source added, “It’s a gesture that shows the Queen’s heart,” noting that the invitation came before the birth of Lilybeth “Lily” Diana, Harry and Megan’s child.
It will be the first time Harry has had a chat with his grandmother since he and Meghan stepped down from their royal duties and left the UK last year.
When Harry attended his grandfather’s funeral, Prince Philip, in April, he only spoke to the Queen in the open air, but did not meet her in private.
And two royal experts had said yesterday (Monday) that Harry and his wife’s naming of their daughter Lilibeth “Lily” Diana is an attempt to repair their relations with the royal family.
A statement issued by a spokesman for Harry and Meghan said yesterday (Sunday): “Lily was named after her paternal grandmother, Her Majesty the Queen, which is a diminutive name for (Elizabeth II)… Her middle name is Diana, chosen to honor her beloved late grandmother, the Princess of Wales.”
Royal expert Phil Dampier said: “I think Harry and Meghan have realized that they have been overly critical of the royal family in recent months, and that they have caused deep harm to Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the Harry family.”
“Maybe the couple will try to mend the dispute with the royal family by choosing this name,” he added.
Royal expert Dickie Arbiter, one of the Queen’s top aides from 1988 to 2000, said the name could be an “olive branch” offered by Harry and Meghan to the royal family.
The couple resides in California, and their relationship with the royal family has been greatly strained recently, with the couple launching controversial statements criticizing the family.


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