Renault is preparing to launch one of its most advanced cars


Renault is preparing to launch one of its most advanced cars

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Over the past years, Megane cars have been known to be among the most practical and reliable, so Renault has decided to expand the popularity of these vehicles, introducing new classes to keep pace with the latest modern requirements.

According to the available information, Renault factories in France have started producing a new generation of these vehicles, which will be called Megane eVision, and have begun testing some of them in different parts of the country.

These vehicles are modified versions of the Megane cars in the latest category, but they are built on the all-new CMF-EV platforms dedicated to electric vehicles, and equipped with technologies that rival those found in the latest vehicles.

These cars received a streamlined hatchback structure that was studied according to the latest aerodynamic standards, and a distinctive design of the fronts decorated with LED lights and illuminated Renault logos, while its cabin was completely distinguished from the Megane cabins, and was equipped with a large touch screen located longitudinally in the middle of the dashboard.

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These vehicles are supposed to operate with environmentally friendly electric motors capable of generating torque equivalent to 217 horsepower, and to be supported by batteries ranging in capacity between 60 and 160 kilowatts, sufficient to cover 450 km or more on a single charge.

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