“Remember, they are all young.”


Through his publication, the Lebanese artist, Nader Al-Atat, sparked a great interaction among followers on social networking sites, as he called on them to maintain humility, no matter how high they are, which sparked controversy about the reason for his publication, and the comments of many followers confirmed his words.

Nader wrote on his private page: “Always let your dream be among the adults, and remember that we are all young and grown up, and when you reach and become between us, you become humble and love the young before the big, because God is the only real great.”

It is reported that Nader Al-Atat recently released his song “Min Yumta”, written and composed by Fares Iskandar and distributed by Omar Sabbagh, and chose to release it on the Lyrics Video method in a spontaneous idea that reflects the fun-filled atmosphere of the song, signed by Migo Tomayan.

Since its launch, the song has topped the first places in the race for the most listened and requested songs by the audience, and has achieved nearly 3 million views on YouTube.


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