Reham Saeed reveals the results of her analysis: I have severe anemia and I have diabetes from heartburn


The media, Reham Saeed, revealed, through a video broadcast live on her official account on Facebook, that she has diabetes, after she confirmed at the beginning of the video that health is the most important thing in life in general, and that everyone should pay attention to it, stressing that anyone should pay attention. Himself, saying: “During this video, I reprimand myself rigidly, and I apologize to myself, because you still want to appear strong and rigid, and you do not want to shake you, and you take blows from under a lot, and although you do not understand why, but you are sure that you must endure.”

Riham Said

Riham Said

And she added, “It came out that all this comes to your health and your life, and I say this because I still have my tests now, and I found my analyzes. There is nothing worse than that. Praise be to, I have severe anemia, and many needs, including the one that bothered me, if I had sugar.”

Reham Said's analysis

Reham Said’s analysis

Then she continued, “I found out now that I have sugar, and I have nothing to blame but myself, because I’m the one who carried myself beyond my capacity, sugar is a horrible thing that blinds the eyes, and stings the teeth, and you must fight and do not eat certain things, you must not be upset, you must play a lot of sports “.

She also said during the video, “I allowed people to annoy me for 20 years unjustly, and I allowed myself my stupidity that I annoyed myself, but the time came when I gave up on myself and saved a lot of time for me without my children or my job and without caring who is afflicting me and who is who.” He attacks me.. God grant me victory over my enemies whom I do not know who my enemies are, and it is not my fault that I am successful and that my name is Ranan.

And she concluded: “When I received the tests, I wanted to say to them, keep your mind off yourself, and there is nothing in the world that is worthy, because every need will transgress, and you will not be scratched beyond your ability, because our Lord knows that I have a need in everyone’s hands, and I know that he will bear it .. Never bother yourself.”


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