Reham Saeed reveals that she has this disease – with video


The Egyptian media surprisedRiham SaidThe public revealed that she was infected withDiabetes​, as she appeared in a live video on her private page and commented on him by saying: “I have always talked about health and said that it is the most important thing, and health came out linked to the life you choose.
And she added, “I discovered that my sugar-loving person is a need for which I do not blame anyone but myself, because I am the one who carried myself above my energy and I always said that our Lord does not have a need other than the amount of his energy .. Sugar, unfortunately, is a horrible need and it is necessary to fight, eat, and do not upset me.” It is a very difficult thing in the midst of what we are currently living through, because the feeling of injustice is the most painful thing, and I want to advise you never to be anxious about yourself and there is nothing worthy because it is all by the measures of our Lord, and the most important thing is if you have enemies as the president said: When you want to respond to your critics, do not sit back. on each one.”
And she continued: “Everyone who harassed me and burned my blood was the one who caused sugar to come out. Sober and I want to break my fast, I found that I can’t eat bread or fruit. I am a sugar lover. The doctor said I take a pill after every meal, something that upsets me all my life by helping people and trying to treat them for the first time. I am the one who I need treatment, praise be to God, Lord, that you are letting me take care of myself, and you must all give up on yourself.


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