Receiving registrants at the Dubai Child Development Center in early September – UAE – Education


The Community Development Authority in Dubai has announced the readiness of the Dubai Child Development Center affiliated to the authority, to receive all children registered in it at the beginning of the school year at the beginning of next September, indicating the increasing desire of families to enroll their children in direct rehabilitation sessions to enhance their benefit from collective and individual activities and events.

The authority indicated that more than 85% of children are currently conducting direct rehabilitation sessions from the center’s new headquarters in Al Barsha Community Center, where all rehabilitation specialists working in the center have received full vaccinations in order to ensure the safety of children.

Hariz Al Mur bin Hariz, Executive Director of the Development and Social Care Sector at the Community Development Authority, explained that the Authority has taken all necessary precautions for a safe return to all direct rehabilitation sessions in the natural environment, whether in the center, school or home, to ensure the maximum possible benefit for children from the sessions. while not putting them at risk.

Hariz said that the center’s work methodology, which is based on enabling the family to support rehabilitation programs and plans, and train its members and those who deal with the child to be an integral part of their children’s treatment plan, contributed significantly during the past period to the continuity of rehabilitation sessions held remotely under the supervision of specialists, indicating that Leaving the house, communicating with other children, and personally attending the center is what the children missed and needed after this period.

He added that the sudden spread of the “Covid 19” virus caused public concern and fear for the health of the most vulnerable groups, such as the elderly and people of determination, which imposed the need for alternative solutions to ensure business continuity, rehabilitation sessions and others.



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