Reading the bill makes it easier to determine the amount of consumption and discover errors


Riyadh 03 Dhul Qi’dah 1442 AH corresponding to June 13, 2021 AD
The Saudi Electricity Company called on subscribers to focus on what it described as the “most important number” in the new electricity bill, which is the amount of consumption as it determines the value of the bill.
She explained that she took into account in the new design of the bill to highlight the data and numbers that are of interest to the subscriber and facilitate the discovery of errors, especially with regard to the amount of consumption, which represents the difference between the current reading and the previous reading of the subscriber’s counter during the bill reading cycle, and consequently the value to be paid.
She stressed the need to focus on the “quantity of consumption”, and to compare the current reading on the bill with the reading reached by the meter. If the reading on the bill is less than the meter, then this means that the amount of consumption is correct, and if it is greater than the meter reading, then this means that there is an error. The company must be reviewed via its website or the ALKAHRABA application, and its accounts in social media or the unified number 920001100.
Saudi Electricity confirmed that its keenness to shed light on the important numbers in the new bill design is part of the transparency and credibility standards that it pursues in the various billing stages and adheres to, so that the subscriber can identify his technical and financial bill data with high reliability.
The company was keen, in the new bill design, to include a cell that includes two graphs, the first for consumption segments, and it shows the division of the “consumption amount” on the consumption segments for each subscriber, and the second shows the historical status of the subscriber’s bills during the 13 months preceding the bill in question, the current month and its counterpart from the previous year.
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