Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart’s cartoons outperformed their movie!


With the release of the reviews of Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, it was found that it was able to provide a real and real new generation experience, and demonstrated to everyone what the game would be like if it took advantage of all the capabilities of this generation, so that the head of Xbox congratulated its developer for its evaluations.

Now, away from the critics’ opinion of the gameplay, story, and others that were presented, we will convey to you the opinion of the Digital Foundry team about the technical performance of the game. We will summarize it according to the following points:

  • The details have been taken care of greatly in the game. Even insects are in the scenes. If you stop the game and zoom in on the image, you will notice the smallest details in its design.
  • The game graphically surpassed even the title movie, as the developer took care of providing amazing graphics with high-level details, as he made a great effort in designing characters with high accuracy with a lot of details, whether in the main characters or the NPCs.
  • It has been described as a stunning masterpiece that showcases the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 such as super-fast load times, furry effects that will amaze your eyes, and the incredible use of ray tracing technology.
  • The speed of the SSD device was exploited terribly to provide the mechanism of moving from one distance to another through the time slots that are distributed in the game world. These cracks are not just images or fake backgrounds, but the technical team says that they stand alone. The special effects are fully supported. The amazing thing is that you can see the details of the new environment through the incision with different details from your original place.
  • The team confirmed that such a game cannot be released on the PlayStation 4 due to the difference in data transfer speed.
  • The game supports RT Reflections for transparent surfaces, including the characters’ eyes, and the internal accuracy of ray tracing has been increased with the release version’s Checkerboard. Previously, it was a quarter of the original resolution, that is, if the original resolution was 4K, the reflection would be 1080p.
  • In the 30-frame quality mode, the game aims to reach dynamic 4K resolution and the lowest recorded resolution is 60% of 4K resolution, most of the time between 4K-1800p as it drops to 1800p in scenes with compression such as combat.

Despite this amazing technical performance, the developers confirmed that they did not suffer from the pressure of working extra hours during the development of this game.



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