Rania Youssef responds to those who insulted her image with the president of Barcelona Club


Actress Rania Youssef was surprised by a major attack on her by some followers on social media, after she took a picture with Barcelona President Joan Laporta. Youssef shared photos that she collected with the president of Barcelona, ​​​​and commented on them, saying: “Good morning from Barcelona, ​​​​I am with the most beautiful club president in the world, Juan Laporta.”

Commenting on the publications in the Egyptian dialect, Youssef said: “The height of rudeness and lack of literature, because a picture I imagined… I accepted laughter and said it is normal, we do not have to stand on an ordinary word.”

Some of the comments included the following phrases: “the deal of the season,” “the third deal,” and “you will be the spearhead.”


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