Raisi outlines his government’s priorities and position on nuclear negotiations and relations with Saudi Arabia


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Iranian President-elect Ibrahim Raisi pledged, in his first press conference, Monday, to work to “restore the people’s confidence in the government” and “improve living conditions,” stressing that he will not allow nuclear talks to be “negotiations.” Just for negotiation.

Raisi said that the Iranians’ participation in the elections “embodied the willful presence of the Iranian people despite the psychological war of the enemies, and carried the message of unity and solidarity.” He added, “It is a continuation of Imam Khomeini’s message… We will maintain the covenant we made to the people, and we will devote ourselves to serving the people and opening the way for solving problems.”

Raisi expressed his appreciation for the various services provided by the government since the Islamic Revolution, and said: “Our internal policy in this government will focus on improving living conditions, the country must go on the path to achieving justice,” according to what was reported by the Iranian “Al-Alam” channel.

The elected Iranian president added: “We will work to restore the people’s confidence in the government, which will not be linked to a special movement or a private party. Everyone whose heart beats for the people and the Islamic Revolution is our colleague at work at any point in the country.”

Raisi pledged that “on the first day of the government’s work, we will remove the areas that cause corruption.” He said, “The focus of the government’s work will be to focus on economic issues, and we will focus in our government on economic issues and rationalizing cash flow towards raising production.”

He added: “We will work to stimulate production and carry out economic reforms. Statistics and numbers are available in the country and it is not hidden from the people. We will present a report to the people on the existing situation and we will seek to change it to what is desired.”

On the nuclear negotiations, Raisi said: “We will support negotiations that guarantee our national interests, but we will not allow the negotiations to be for the sake of negotiations, and we will work to cancel all embargo measures against Iran.”

Raisi believed that “the nuclear agreement should be saluted by the European countries that did not implement the commitments and America, which violated the agreement,” and said: “The Iranian people’s demands are that the other countries in the agreement abide by their commitments.”

He added, “The negotiating team will follow through on its tasks and submit its reports to us, and America must cancel all unjust embargo measures.”

Regarding relations with neighboring countries, the Iranian president-elect said: “We want good relations with all neighboring countries, especially Saudi Arabia,” according to what was reported by Al-Alam channel.

Rais also spoke about his position on the Palestinian issue and the Yemeni crisis, saying: “Our position is for the Palestinian people to decide their fate, and we also stress the need to stop the attacks on the oppressed Yemeni people.”


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