“Radar” of the Saudi Sports Company targets the Italian League


“Radar” of the Saudi Sports Company targets the Italian League

The ambiguity of the “transfer of the league” in the kingdom worries hundreds of workers in the specialized channels… and soon the launch of a motor sports channel

Monday – 11 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1442 AH – 21 June 2021 AD Issue No. [

The transfer of major tournaments will contribute to directing the global sports compass towards the Kingdom (Middle East)

Riyadh: Fahad Al-Issa

After winning the rights to broadcast the matches of the AFC Champions League, Saudi Sports Company is looking for European opportunities to win the broadcast of matches of national leagues, cups and Super Cup matches of the major European leagues.
According to a number of Italian media, the Saudi Sports Company is close to announcing its victory in transferring the rights to Italian football matches to various major competitions, especially the Italian League, to the Middle East.
It is expected that the Saudi Sports Company will unveil the launch of a new giant sports television network that will be ready for satellite broadcasting next August, to start displaying the TV rights that the company recently gained, after the broadcast was exclusively on the mobile application.
This step by the Saudi Sports Company aims to draw up a diversified television rights network to broadcast European competitions that are very popular globally and in the region.
The television network, scheduled to be launched next August, will be affiliated with the Saudi Sports Company owned by the state and under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Sports, in order to support and achieve the goals and directions of the state in directing the compass of the world of sports towards the Kingdom through the various sports tournaments and events it hosts.
On the other hand, there is still ambiguity surrounding the rights to broadcast the Saudi Professional League on television so far, although the competitions will start next August. Until now, hundreds of workers in the Saudi sports channels, “the official carrier in the last season”, still do not know their fate due to the ambiguity of the carrier’s identity so far, knowing that the sports channels have stopped broadcasting live sports programs and have contented themselves with showing the matches recorded after the end of the Saudi team matches in the middle of this month and before that The Saudi sports season ended in late May.
It is expected that the Saudi Professional League competitions will be one of the tournaments that the new TV channel of the Saudi Sports Company will broadcast starting from the new season, but this step appears to be unclear about the future of the current Saudi sports channels, which were affiliated with the Ministry of Information before being transferred supervisory to the Saudi Ministry of Sports. .
According to informed sources to Asharq Al-Awsat, the Ministry of Sports will also launch a channel dedicated to motorsports that will be concerned with car and motorcycle racing and will cover exclusively the Saudi Dakar Rally, Formula 1, Formula E, Hail Rally, Eastern Rally and any engine-related championships. It will have special programs and a specialized media cadre that will be concerned with them.
Last April, the Asian Football Confederation announced that the Saudi Sports Company had obtained the exclusive rights to broadcast the competitions held under the umbrella of the Federation for a period of 4 years, from the current year 2021 AD to the year 2024 AD.
The Asian Football Confederation signed a contract with the Saudi Sports Company, according to which the company owns the rights to broadcast official matches within the geographical scope of the Kingdom, and exclusively for all matches of Asian competitions, including the Asian qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the 2023 Asian Cup finals in China and the Champions League competitions. Asia, in addition to the championships of the age groups and the women’s championships.
And “Asharq Al-Awsat” revealed last April, according to its informed sources, that the television rights for the Asian competitions will be transferred through a private television network, whose name has not yet been revealed, and it may be a stage in the development of Saudi sports channels broadcasting via satellite. The network will have special equipment that those wishing to subscribe to watch matches Clubs and teams in the Asian Championships.
It is noteworthy that the Saudi Sports Company saw the light in September 2020 after the Saudi Cabinet approved the establishment of a state-owned media company, with the Ministry of Sports giving the necessary powers to complete the procedures for establishing the company, in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Law, where Prince Abdulaziz Al-Faisal will chair The Minister of Sports, this company, which will be established soon. The Council of Ministers also decided to exclude Prince Abdulaziz Al-Faisal, Minister of Sports, from the provision of the first paragraph of Cabinet Resolution No. 27, in connection with his presidency of the company’s board of directors and its membership.
The official decision of the Council of Ministers stated that the Minister of Sports, in agreement with the Minister of Finance, exercise the rights and powers of the stock owner in relation to the state’s ownership in the company, provided that decisions related to amending the company’s articles of association are not implemented except after approval by the Council of Ministers.
This decision is considered historic in the field of Saudi sports, and it is a major qualitative leap in the field of sports media, as it represents great dimensions that will contribute to the integration of the parties to the success of the Ministry of Sports and its great developmental movement as one of the sectors of high importance.
The establishment of this media company, which will be under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Sports, will contribute to granting a large area of ​​freedom to the Ministry in supporting its media vision to purchase sports television rights in all sports competitions in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.
This media company will also work on manufacturing and producing Saudi, Arab, Asian and international sports content, and will also work on acquiring the sports television networks that are currently on the scene.
The production and broadcast of the Saudi League competitions and sports competitions in various games are at the top of the interests of this media company, which aims in this role to make all the activities it holds under the umbrella of the Ministry of Sports, the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee and its sports federations a success.
In general, the establishment of a media company under the supervision of the Ministry of Sports and owned by the state, means that it is a media arm that contributes to the manufacture of sports content worthy of following the events hosted by Saudi Arabia, and the tournaments in which its clubs and teams participate.
This company will provide special and different coverage of the most prominent sporting events that have become a remarkable presence in Saudi Arabia in the recent period, such as the Formula E car championship, the Dakar Rally World, and tennis tournaments, as well as the Spanish and Italian Super Championships as the most prominent events hosted by Saudi Arabia during the period. Last.



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