Qusai Khouli reveals the reason why he did not respond to the praise he received for his latest series


The artist Qusai Khouli stated his great happiness with the great public success of his series 2020, and he extended a word of thanks and gratitude to all the art critics, journalists and viewers who praised the work and praised it, and made it the one who excels over several dramas and wins several awards, one of which is the ET Arabic Award for the best Ramadan dramas From the joint Arab business category.

Qusai Kholi

And the Syrian star said in a video clip that he showed to the audience, that he decided to go out in a video clip to thank all his followers from the media, critics and the general public, as he was ashamed to respond to the positive comments he received from them through the comments and for fear that his response would be understood as bragging and deceiving about the success that he had achieved. He achieved it through work.

And he said, “I was ashamed to respond to the comments so that I would not be said to have made my success known out of pride and vanity.. I will no longer be ashamed of what I have reached.. with the support of the cast of the 2020 series.. and from the great success I achieved in it.. the work is an achievement.” Collectively.. it is an integrated partnership between me and the work team in terms of directing, clothing and makeup.. This led to the production of a successful Arab drama that has weight and will continue to exist.”

Fans of the Syrian star interacted with the post remarkably and congratulated him for him On the great success that he achieved, and they wished him continued success, and among the interacting people was the young artist Marwa Al-Atrash, who commented: “Sure, we are proud of you. Congratulations, and from success to greater success,” while the able Kuwaiti artist Hoda Hussein wrote: “Bravo,” and the Egyptian star Ahmed commented. Zaher said: “Bravo, Qusai, you were wonderful and more than wonderful.”

And the Saudi media, Lujain Omran, congratulated him, saying: “We are all very proud and happy with your successes…because you worked hard and got tired and deserved everything sweet you reached.. God bless you and from her to the top.” And the Syrian artist Fadi Sobeih congratulated him, saying: “You are a king and a king.”

It is worth noting that the artist Qusai Khouli starred in the 2020 series alongside an elite group of art stars, among whom we mention: “Nadine Njeim, Carmen Lebbs, Fadi Ibrahim, Ramy Ayyash, Rowad Aliyu, and Randa Kadi.”


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