Queen Rania presents her husband, King Abdullah II, with touching words on their 28th wedding anniversary


“Always the most beloved to my heart.. Happy Anniversary, our Master.”
With these kind, touching words I shared Queen Rania” The Queen of Jordan, a love letter on her 28th wedding anniversary with her husband King Abdullah II.
According to “Hello”, Queen Rania went to Instagram to share the love note in a post in Arabic and English, where the 50-year-old queen shared a picture of her with King Abdullah to celebrate the occasion.

The photo shows the couple standing together and staring at the camera. The strikingly elegant Jordanian Queen is pictured in a red silk dress with a neckline and her husband in a dark blue shirt. The photo was taken against an orange and blue background.
Previous family photo
This photo appears in a similar version of the family photo that Rania shared in the New Year’s season 2020. This photo appeared of the couple and their children: Crown Prince Hussein, 26, Princess Iman, 24, Princess Salma, 20, and Prince. Hashem, 16 years old.

The appearance of the king and queen on various occasions

Queen Rania and King Abdullah have appeared a few times this year.

On March 30th, members of the Jordanian royal family came out to admire the amazing handicrafts of the participants in the Jordan Producer Youth Program as the Queen, accompanied by King Abdullah, viewed the products of the Youth Productive Initiative. They met a number of young people who were able to turn their talents into successful projects.

King Abdullah, Queen Rania, Crown Prince Hussein, Princess Salma, Prince Hashem and a number of members of the royal family, senior officials and officers attended an official ceremony on this occasion at Raghadan Palace.

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The marriage of Queen Rania and King Abdullah

King Abdullah and Queen Rania - Photo from Queen Rania's Instagram account
King Abdullah and Queen Rania – Photo from Queen Rania’s Instagram account

The couple first met at a dinner party in 1992 when King Abdullah was then Prince Abdullah. The following year – on June 10, 1993 – they married and their marriage was a national holiday, and the ceremony was held at the Royal Palace in Amman.
Rania wowed the world in a beautiful bespoke dress by Bruce Oldfield. This stunning wedding dress features a full skirt and a collared jacket with short sleeves. The ivory fabric is trimmed with white and gold lace trim along the edges. The then 28-year-old bride wore her hair in a crown on top of her head.
Six years later, in 1999, then Crown Prince “Abdullah” bin Al Hussein assumed his constitutional position as King of the Hashemite Kingdom, and Queen Rania assumed her role as queen a month later.
The couple had four children: Crown Prince “Hussein”, Princess “Iman”, Princess Salma and Prince “Hashem”.
With 6.2 million followers of Queen Rania on Instagram, the royal couple received a lot of congratulations on their wedding anniversary.

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