Qatari Foreign Ministry condemns killing of Muslim family members in Canada


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In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Qatari Foreign Ministry reiterated Qatar’s firm position on rejecting violence, terrorism and criminal acts, regardless of the motives and reasons.

The statement stressed Qatar’s categorical refusal to target civilians on the basis of religion or ethnicity.

The State of Qatar also expressed its condolences to the families of the victims and the government and people of Canada.

On Tuesday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described the killing of four members of a Muslim family in his country after a deliberate run-over as a “hate-motivated terrorist attack.”

Last Monday, Canadian police announced that 4 members of a Muslim family were killed and a 9-year-old boy was seriously injured in an intentional run-over that took place on Sunday in the province of Ontario.

Police said they have charged a 20-year-old who was arrested near the scene of the accident.

Commenting on the incident, Trudeau said in a speech to the House of Commons: “They were killed in a brutal, cowardly and shameless act of violence, and this was a premeditated murder.”

Canadian police said the killer, Nathaniel Feltman, was charged with four counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder.

At a news conference, City of London, Ontario Police Inspector Paul White said: “There is evidence that this was a premeditated act, and that the family was targeted because of their Islamic faith.”


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