Putin hopes for “constructive” cooperation with the new Israeli Prime Minister


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Moscow (AFP)

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday congratulated new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, expressing his desire to cooperate “constructively” with him.

“I hope that your work at the head of the government will facilitate a new stage of constructive bilateral cooperation in all areas,” Putin said in a message released by the Kremlin.

“There is no doubt that this is a vital benefit for our two peoples,” the Russian president added, adding that Russian-Israeli cooperation will enhance “peace, security and stability in the Middle East.”

Far-right leader Naftali Bennett, a millionaire who made his fortune from new technologies, became the head of the new Israeli government formed from a coalition of eight parties, succeeding Benjamin Netanyahu after 12 years of continuous rule.

Netanyahu, 71, has been bragging about his friendship with Putin and has been regularly invited to Russia.


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