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The Swiss city of Geneva hosted a summit between US Presidents Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, in the presence of the foreign ministers of the two countries and a number of advisers.

A joint statement issued by the summit confirmed that “Washington and Moscow will soon launch a comprehensive dialogue on strategic stability and will cooperate in the cyber field,” and considered that “there can be no winners in any nuclear war that should not erupt at all.”

For his part, the Russian President said in a separate press conference after the summit that “it is difficult to say for certain whether relations with Washington will improve, stressing that there are differences between the two sides on a number of issues,” and announced that “in the summit meeting with his American counterpart Joe Biden, he discussed issues of Strategic stability, trade relations, regional security, and cyber security,” he said, “We discussed strategic stability, trade relations, regional security, and cybersecurity.”

Putin indicated that “the issues discussed at the summit with Biden, including the Arctic and cybersecurity, will become the subject of agreements,” and stressed that “the Arctic issue is important, which we discussed with Biden in detail,” and noted that “most of the cyber attacks in the world come from United State”.

For his part, Biden said that he “told Putin during the summit that the US agenda is not against Russia, but for the benefit of the American people,” and said, “My meeting with Putin was positive, and the atmosphere was not charged, and we laid a clear ground for how to deal with Russia.” Washington’s agenda is not against Russia but for the benefit of the American people,” he said, adding, “Our relations with Russia must be stable and predictable, and they have agreed with Putin on what should be considered red lines.”

Regarding trade relations between the two countries, Biden said, “I have no problem in dealing with Russia if I abide by commercial rules and international norms, and I will be pleased with that,” and stressed, “If they do not act according to international rules, that trade will not occur, nor with other countries.”

Regarding US accusations against Russia of launching cyber attacks against infrastructure in the United States, Biden said that he “made clear to Putin that the United States has excellent cyber capabilities, and that it will respond to any attack.”

Prior to the meeting, the Russian President had announced his country’s readiness to discuss constructively and equitably with the United States on all issues, including strategic and information security, noting that Russia is actively working to strengthen bilateral and multilateral agreements in the field of cybersecurity.

Source: Al Manar website


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