PUBG UC | Free shipping of Buggy tugs from the official website to get 70 thousand intensity


Free shipping of Buggy tugs from the official websitePUBG widgets are the virtual currencies that are used in the game, so that the player can buy weapons, clothes and all purchases that are in the game, as the bucks have been customized for ease of dealing with all players in the game.

Free shipping of Buggy tugs from the official website

The player can use PUBG’s widgets to gain the distinction of players from each other, by adding a set of valuable prizes for people who highlight their forces in play, and this helps in the possibility of players improving their level in the game and increases their access to opportunities to help them in Fight big battles in the game.

The best ways to charge pubg widgets

There are several simple ways in which PUBG skins can be charged:

pubg card

The simplest way in which you can ship PUBG wedges, which depends on the PUBG card chips, and is shipped through the personal account in PUBG. By adding your ID in the game.

iTunes Card

  • This iTunes card is allocated to owners of new phones, iPad and iPhone only, as it has been allocated to modern phones, and that is why not all PUBG players can use this method unless you own this type of phone.
  • Where the charging is done through your own balance on the Apple ID, which is easily charged through this card, and it can be quickly shipped from your account.


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