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The Dubai Investment Development Corporation, one of Dubai’s economic institutions, has held several virtual seminars since the beginning of 2021, with the aim of communicating with potential investors and partners in various regions of the world, including North America, Europe, South Asia, Asia Pacific and the Far East, and reviewing a range of investment and partnership opportunities in strategic sectors. , including food and agribusiness, technology, and health care.

In continuation to the implementation of the digital communication strategy, in light of the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic on promotional missions, the virtual seminars organized by the Dubai Investment Development Corporation have become an effective platform, allowing all concerned parties the opportunity to learn about foreign direct investment opportunities in strategic sectors in Dubai.

Ibrahim Ahli, Director of Investment Promotion Department at Dubai Investments Development Corporation, said: “The UAE has close investment and commercial partnerships with many countries of the world. At the same time, our wise leadership has a strategic vision, which prioritizes public health, along with business continuity, in light of the harsh conditions caused by the pandemic.

The specialized discussions that took place between potential investors and the Dubai Investment Development Corporation team, and a number of the most prominent companies in the public and private sectors, helped us highlight the advantages of Dubai globally, through virtual seminars that established the city’s position, as one of the most important destinations for attracting foreign direct investment in the world.” .

6 countries

The seminars were attended by investment partners from China, India, Australia, the United States of America (specifically New York City), Spain and Italy, who communicated with government and institutional representatives, to develop trade and investment opportunities during 2021 to date.

China, India and Australia

The Dubai Advantages Virtual Seminar was held, with Chinese investors, covering the food, agribusiness and technology sectors, on January 12, in partnership with the ICBC Bank branch in Dubai (the Dubai International Financial Centre), and was supported by Smart Dubai and Jafza.

Investors from India and Australia participated in a virtual symposium, which was held on January 20, on the promising opportunities in the healthcare and technology sectors in Dubai, in cooperation with Mustafa and Al Mana, the strategic partner of the Dubai Investment Development Corporation, and with the support of the Dubai Health Authority and the Smart Dubai Foundation.

New York

The advantages of Dubai in the technology sector were presented to investors in New York, on February 3, during a virtual seminar, in cooperation with the international law firm Baker Boots, and with the support of Smart Dubai, the Dubai Future Foundation, the Dubai International Financial Center, and the US-Emirati Business Council.

Italian investors focused on opportunities in the food and agribusiness sector in the Compania region, during a seminar held on February 16, in partnership with the strategic partner of the Dubai Investment Development Corporation, Francesco Corbelo, and with the support of the Dubai Municipality and the Dubai Multi Commodities Center.


The Dubai Investment Development Corporation reviewed Dubai’s advantages in the food and agricultural business sector, for a number of potential investors in Spain, in a seminar held on March 16, in partnership with the Dubai Multi Commodities Center and Extenda.

In addition to important information about the attractiveness of strategic sectors, and the ease of establishing companies and doing business in Dubai, the participants received multiple messages, through presentations made by Dubai government institutions and the Dubai Investment Development Corporation team. Participants also had the opportunity to ask and discuss questions individually.

He added: There is continuous participation in virtual missions, by prominent government institutions, which represents the holistic vision of the investment system in Dubai, and we work together as partners for the future growth of Dubai.

Discussions in the food and agribusiness sector centered on Dubai’s focus on developing a solid food and agricultural system, as an effective measure to confront potential disruptions in global supply chains, especially due to the restrictions caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

As a major re-export hub, Dubai operates excellent facilities for fresh crops and products, and continues to focus on investments and policies with strategic goals, to enhance this ecosystem. At the same time, the focus continues on aspects of research and development in agricultural technologies, which allow the development of many crops and agricultural products.

In the technology sector, Dubai is one of the pioneers in applying new and emerging technologies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and in incubating emerging companies in the advanced technology sector.

It is also one of the first cities in the world to benefit from the advantages of artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, blockchain, financial technologies, and information technology in the healthcare sector, in addition to its focus on 3D printing, cybersecurity, and geographic information systems. .

medical tourism

In light of the increasing population, the diversity of its demographic characteristics, and the strategic focus on medical tourism, Dubai’s position is firmly established as an attractive destination for investments in the field of healthcare.

The promising opportunities include the development of centers of excellence in several fields, such as cardiology, neurology and rehabilitation, in addition to focusing on alternative pharmaceutical products, production, sale and maintenance of medical equipment, in addition to medical education, all of which are areas where investments are concentrated in Dubai.

The effectiveness of the Dubai Investment Development Corporation’s program to communicate with investors, which was transformed into virtual channels in the first half of 2020, is reflected in Dubai’s exceptional performance in attracting qualitative foreign investments.

As a leading global destination for foreign direct investment, Dubai recorded 455 projects, worth 24.7 billion dirhams, during 2020, according to the data of the Dubai Foreign Direct Investment Monitor, which follows the methodology of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, in tracking foreign investment data.


Dubai continues its global leadership among the most prominent foreign direct investment destinations, as it ranked first in the Middle East and North Africa in 2020 in attracting foreign direct investment projects and capital, while it ranked third globally in attracting new foreign direct investment projects, and fourth globally. In attracting capital for new foreign direct investment, according to the Financial Times data on foreign direct investment markets, which is the most prominent global source of data in this field.



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