Presidential Health Adviser: If a fourth wave of corona occurs, it will be new or mutated strains


Dr. Muhammad Awad Taj El-Din, Adviser to the President of the Republic for Health Affairs, said that if a fourth wave of the Corona virus occurs, it will be new or mutated strains.

Taj El-Din added, in a telephone interview to the “Confrontation” program, broadcast on the Extra News channel, presented by the media, Lama Jibril, that the Egyptian state is seeking to obtain the largest number of vaccines against Corona, to vaccinate the largest number of the population in the coming period, and that there are increasing quantities. Some of the vaccines will reach Egypt during the current period, continuing: “Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children are prohibited from the Corona vaccine, and these vaccines increase the citizen’s immunity and reduce the risks of the epidemic.”

The President’s Adviser for Health Affairs explained that those who received the Corona vaccine do not face any problems, because the side effects of vaccination are mild and expected, and he talked about any vaccination, which is pain at the injection site, and sometimes a rise in temperature for some people.


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