President of the Supreme Judicial Council: Palaces of justice will remain open, and they have not and will not be closed


The head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Suhail Abboud, commented on what was issued today by the President of the Beirut Bar Association, with a statement in which he said: “Even the walls of the palaces of justice and the lawyer’s house refuse to hear the language of attacking the judiciary and judges, and he refuses to respond to what came in the words of the President of the Bar On the Day of Remembrance of the Martyrs of the Judiciary, in what deviates from any principles and customs. He called him to “return to the content of his oath.”

He also called on judges to “continue their work and perform their duty, and not be indifferent to campaigns of abuse and defamation.”

He stressed that “the palaces of justice will remain open as always, and they were not closed even in the worst circumstances, and they will not be closed today.”

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