Presentation of the Union of Saud Abdul Hamid Shafahi


Presentation of the Union of Saud Abdul Hamid Shafahi

“Friendlies” decide the preparatory camp site

Tuesday – 27 Shawwal 1442 AH – 08 June 2021 AD Issue No. [

Saud Abdul Hamid (Middle East)

Jeddah: Ibrahim Al-Qurashi

An informed source in Al-Ittihad club confirmed to Asharq Al-Awsat that the club’s negotiations to renew the player Saud Abdel Hamid’s contract did not take an official nature, with the exception of verbal side negotiations with the player, with the absence of any official communications related to this, indicating that the player will work to provide Most of what he has until the last day of his professional contract, which he looks forward to being resolved by renewal in the coming period.
The source close to the player, who preferred not to be named, expressed his astonishment about the entry of Asmiya clubs into negotiations with the player, in light of the current prohibited period because Abdul Hamid is bound by a binding contract with the federation and did not enter the free period, noting that the player is the son of the club and has a great desire to renew his contract with him.
The source explained that Abdel Hamid will enter the free period in early August, and therefore it is unreasonable to talk about the presence of clubs that want the player’s services now.
On the other hand, the administration of the Federation is in continuous talks with the Brazilian coach Fabio Carelli to arrange the team’s papers for the new sports season, which comes at the forefront of those matters, including the preparatory camp and the centers that require support with technical options that constitute a good addition to the team, as well as the players he intends to dispense with and the young names he intends to Inclusion in the team roster.
It is expected that the preparatory program for the Al-Ittihad team for the new sports season, which will start in early July, includes dividing the players into groups to conduct medical examinations in preparation for the resumption of the team’s group training and departure to the external camp before returning to the club’s stronghold and resuming the team’s preparations in preparation for leaving for a short camp in Morocco In preparation for facing Raja in the final of the Mohammed VI Cup for Champions Clubs (the Arab Championship), scheduled for August 21.
At the same time, decision-makers with the technical staff continue to compare a number of European cities to determine the location of the camp to make the necessary arrangements at an early stage of its launch, in order to optimally prepare the team for the new sports season.
According to the source, the administration of the Federation will work to obtain a “Schengen” visa for all team players if it is agreed to set up the camp in Europe, noting that the possibility of establishing friendly confrontations will be a top priority for the adoption of the camp, indicating that the conditions of the Corona pandemic have reduced the options offered.
On the other hand, Anmar Al-Haili, President of the Federation, confirmed that his club’s first place in the club’s support strategy by deserving a financial support of 115.7 million riyals ($30.8 million) reflects the value of the institutional administrative work that takes place within the club’s papers, which resulted in achieving all the requirements of the club. Implementation of club governance and development of club infrastructure at the level of games and facilities.
He added: “Our obtaining the first place in the Club Support Strategy Program has many meanings and indications that confirm the volume of work that is taking place within the club to reconfigure it in accordance with the standards of modern administrative work through the governance of all its departments and the development of the mechanism and work environment to be reflected on the club’s various teams and their results, which is what appeared It is evident in the distinctive qualitative shift that has been achieved at the level of the first football team, as well as the teams of the age groups and in various other games, not only at the technical level, but also the aspect of adherence to the instructions and regulations that prevented the club from issuing disciplinary penalties against him.




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