Presentation of the draft executive regulations for the privatization system in Saudi Arabia


The National Center for Privatization, in cooperation with a survey platform, announced the start of receiving opinions and comments from the public on the draft executive regulations for the privatization system issued by Royal Decree No. 11/11/1442 AH, and opinions, observations and visuals will be received through a survey platform in the National Competitiveness Center during the specified period.

The Center indicated, according to a statement published by the Saudi Press Agency, that the executive regulation of the privatization system aims to organize the work of privatization projects, clarify the procedures and the mechanism of work in them, and clarify the aspects stipulated in the privatization system issued by Royal Decree No. (M/63) dated 08/05/1442. e.

The regulation sets out plans for privatization projects, methods of partnership between the public and private sectors, projects for the transfer of ownership of assets, the mechanisms for their offering, implementation, and contracting, and the conditions and controls necessary for this.

This initiative comes from the National Center for Privatization’s belief that the process of issuing laws and regulations requires joint efforts and contributions from the public and all stakeholders, with the aim of reaching effective legislation that meets the needs and requirements of all relevant parties, stressing that the submitted opinions will be carefully studied and taken into consideration before adopting the final version. The executive regulations for the privatization system.
The Center invites the survey participants to communicate in case of any questions or inquiries to the following e-mail: [email protected].


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