Post-Corona turmoil .. 4 main signs confirming that you have “Covid”


03:00 pm

Sunday 13 June 2021

Written by – Hind Khalifa

As coronavirus cases decline, fears are growing for a large number of people who have “prolonged COVID”, the post-viral disorder caused by infection with the coronavirus.

More than 30% of those infected with the coronavirus have reported vague symptoms that don’t go away, not among those in hospital, but people with mild symptoms who have taken a turn for the worse — and still haven’t improved, eatthis says.

The site reviewed a set of signs that confirm long-term infection with COVID, without recognizing it, which were as follows:

– feeling tired

More than 80% of people with long-term COVID reported fatigue as their primary symptom, but they don’t just mean they feel sleepy or lethargic, they feel akin to “chronic fatigue syndrome”, another debilitating condition that can make you feel toxic Almost after the effort.

This effort could be exercise, or it could just be getting up to wash the dishes. People with prolonged COVID are told to think about their ‘energy envelope’. Many people may be left bedridden, or at best, able to walk. But they don’t do too much, before feeling “after the effort” or other symptoms.

Brain fog

Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical advisor to the US President and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, warned of prolonged brain fog and COVID, you may not be able to think clearly, remember certain things or focus.

Having a headache or migraine

Everyone gets a headache from time to time, but if you get a sudden, severe headache or migraine, it may be caused by vasculitis as a result of the long-running Corona virus, and these head pains are difficult to treat, because traditional methods do not always prove effective, anti-seizure medications may be recommended.

Feeling anxious or depressed

Your body goes into a fight-or-flight mode – a state of extreme stress and on high alert, when it’s under attack, it can feel like a prolonged infection with the Covid virus makes your body constantly under attack, every minute.

It might be – one theory about long-running COVID is that strands of the virus are left in your body, or your immune system thinks the virus is still there and it isn’t, and no matter what, anxiety might be a side effect, and of course, if you flip Your life due to debilitating symptoms, depression may follow.

You may have a variety of these other symptoms

COVID can disable nearly every part of your body, says the CDC. Multiple organ effects can affect most, if not all, body systems including heart, lung, kidney, skin and brain functions.

Patients report persistent loss of smell or taste, dizziness upon standing, chest pain, heart palpitations, cough, joint or muscle pain, fever, breathing problems, fainting, blindness, and a variety of other problems.


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