Possession alone is not enough.. new evidence from Spain in “Euro 2020”


Fans of “beautiful” football consider possession and short passes to be one of the most important pillars upon which an ideal performance is built, while “Pragmatio Ball” considers the end more important than the means..

Spanish guide

In the face of Spain and Sweden at the beginning of the two teams’ journey in the first round, I presented Spain New evidence of the irrelevance of possession after winning the ball and losing two points in a goalless drawتعادل.

Spain coach Luis Enrique belongs to football school The beautiful, which requires good performance as much as the pursuit of positive results, which is what he inherited in Barcelona, ​​Spain, who trained him in an earlier stage..

Spain’s possession against Sweden reached 75% compared to 25% for its Swedish counterpart, but in the end each team got one point, and the Spanish possession was of little use..

Despite the success of Spain in making 17 offensive attempts that ended with 13 shots, of which only 5 were between the posts and the crossbar, all the efforts of “Matador“It went unheeded due to the lack of access to the Swedish net, for various reasons, most notably the recklessness of the attack.

With less effort, the Swedish team got the same result despite making only 4 offensive attempts over the course of 90 minutes, without any shot on the host’s goal..

Previous experiences

In all tournaments, evidence appears to support the theory of the importance of possession in achieving victory, while other clubs presented the exact opposite by leaving the ball to the opponent, winning the least number of chances, or perhaps with a single opportunity..

In the Champions League final last month, he dominated Manchester City The Englishman won the ball, and his compatriot Chelsea won the most expensive title for European clubs.

The matter is usually repeated, with clubs such as Atletico Madrid and Chelsea, and the teams led by Portuguese Jose Mourinho, where the goal is to leave possession for the opponent and exploit his defensive mistakes from the least opportunities.

In the end, despite the new Spanish evidence at Euro 2020, the debate over the importance of acquisition It will continue, because a winning team with a large possession percentage will inevitably come soon to consider it counter evidence.


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