Play the role of Nadine Njeim’s brother in “Zahra Salon”


During ten years, the Lebanese actor Hussein Al-Mokadam was able to dig into the rock to let people know him about the comic roles he presented in several programs, but in the recent period he liked to change his skin and present tragic roles and his name shined in the 2020 series, which was shown last Ramadan through the character “Bulbul” The loyal friend of “Safi”, played by Qusai Khouli, so what does Hussein Al-Mokadam say to “Sawt Beirut International” about his participation in this successful work? But at first he talks about his new work, which he is currently filming, which is “Zahra Salon”, starring Nadine Nassib Njeim, Moatasem Al-Nahar, Zina Makki and a group of stars, directed by Joe Bou Eid. Own a salon for women’s grooming and work as a car mechanic. This series discusses several family matters and consists of 15 episodes and will be shown on the “Shahid” platform.

And about his long distance from social networking sites, he says, “I am a person who does not like the phone, but I found myself forced to open my own accounts on these sites in order to interact with the public who follow my work, knowing that I see people stuck in this virtual world in a strange way, but since the necessities Permitting taboos, I found myself forced to deal with this world in a way that suits me.”

As for how he was nominated to participate in 2020, he explains, “After ten years of comedic roles in humorous programs, specifically the character “Shaqloub”, which people loved, I wanted to cross into the world of television drama. Note that I had participated in the movie “Bilhalal” directed by Asad Foolad Kar and produced by “Sabah Brothers”, who praised my performance. However, with the outbreak of the demonstrations in Lebanon in 2019, I preferred to rest from the comedy and waited for a distinctive tragic role, and one day I received a call from the Al-Sabah Company and they nominated me for a role in the 2020 series and considered it a great opportunity, thank God that people loved the character “Bulbul” and this move constituted a pleasant surprise in the middle. Technical.

And about his duet with Marita El-Hellani, who played his girlfriend, “Suad,” he said, “I can create chemistry with any actor or actress that I stand by. Marita is still new in this field, but she presented her role perfectly and without pretension.”

As for the dramas that he liked, he said, “In addition to 2020, I loved the way the series “To Moot” directed by Philip Asmar, even though I consider it an elitist work. I also liked the series “Muluk Al-Jada’ana” and I love Egyptian drama because of the professionalism and boldness in which they present the topics.

Regarding his opinion of representing Nadine Najim, Hussein Al-Mokadam confirms that the controversy is over and it is settled that Nadine is an excellent Arab actress and can carry a series on her shoulders because she is wanted by an Arab by name, and this is something that makes me very happy.

Did he sign a contract with a specific production company? Hussein confirmed that he did not sign with any company, and any offer he receives that is suitable for him will not hesitate to accept it.


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