Pictured: Angelina Jolie takes her son to visit her ex-British husband


It looks like Angelina Jolie is back with her ex-husband, Jonny Lee Miller. The paparazzi spotted her walking into the Miller apartment building in Brooklyn for the second time this week with her 17-year-old son Pax.

The British “Daily Mail” website reported that the mother and son were escorted by their security guard and were said to have spent about an hour inside the building where Miller lives.

Jolie, who recently celebrated her birthday, met Miller for an intimate get-together over the weekend for dinner.

Jolie was seen arriving at her ex-British husband’s building on Friday night with only her bag and a luxury bottle of wine.

Although it has been more than three decades since their marriage legally ended, it seems that the couple are still close, especially after her divorce from Brad Pitt.


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