Photographer files a lawsuit against Capcom for stealing his work in the creation of Resident Evil 4 and more


Polygon has filed a new lawsuit against Capcom accusing it of using unlicensed photographs to create multiple artworks for games like Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry.

Photographer Judy A. Juracek is seeking monetary damages for alleging Capcom used images from its book Surfaces in a range of its massive games without obtaining a legal license from them.

The aforementioned book contains a variety of artistic photographs that Juracek took during her travels around the world, documenting a title license for the book and its content in 1996 while allowing interested parties to apply for a license to use the book’s content.

That is why the photographer claims that Capcom did not take these legal measures to obtain content that belongs to it, but rather immediately used it in several of its games, such as Resident Evil 4, which apparently borrowed many of the photographer’s artwork, such as the image we see below of the way the door was designed and the artistic logo on it And there is another picture of broken glass, from which the game apparently borrowed its official logo.

If you are asking why the photographer waited so long to take these legal measures, the answer is because of the hack that Capcom was exposed to last year. -ROM for the Surfaces book, so that the image and its name matched, which confirmed to the photographer the state of violation of her rights, as mentioned.

The lawsuit states that it is highly unlikely that Capcom would have taken the same photos with the same poses and titles, and photographer Juracek is seeking $12 million in damages and copyright infringement in addition to other financial damages ranging from $2,500 to $25,000 for each photograph used as a result of mismanagement. Incorrect property rights.

We requested comment from Capcom on this matter but the response we got was “We are aware of the lawsuit and have no further comment.”

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