Peter Mimi reveals the details of “Musa”, the first robot movie in the Arab world


Director Peter Mimi revealed the details of the first robot movie in the Arab world, called “Musa”, which he started working on four years ago.

Mimi said: “Soon, the Musa movie will be announced, after more than four years of preparation, photography and graphics, and discussions with mechatronics engineers, mechanical engineers and mental health doctors, and a study of what it has reached.” Neurable In remote control, a very important project for me, I started working on it in 2017, I tried with the work team to create a different need and a step for change and renewal in the content and cinematic form, and thanks to the production companies who were enthusiastic about a strange project, (Synergy Films, New Century, Egypt International Films) The first (robot) movie in the Arab world, Musa.

Director Peter Mimi, several weeks ago, denied what was rumored recently about turning the series “Omar Al Naji – Trojan Horse” into a movie, indicating to “The Seventh Day” that the work is still a series as it is and is scheduled to be presented in 8 episodes for viewing on the platform. watch it He indicated that he will return to complete filming the scenes after his heroes finish their vacations.

Peter Mimi presented the series “The Choice 2” last Ramadan, written by Hani Sarhan, starring Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Makki, Iyad Nassar, Bushra, Engy El-Mokadam, Asmaa Abu El-Yazid, Hadi El-Gayar, Ahmed Halawa, Ahmed Shaker Abdel-Latif, Mohamed Alaa , Islam Jamal, Ahmed Saeed Abdel Ghani, Salwa Othman Ali Al-Tayeb, Tariq Sabry, Omar Al-Shennawi, and a number of young artists.

Muse movie
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