Perez was about to quit before winning the Baku Grand Prix


Red Bull Racing driver Sergio Perez expressed his happiness at his first victory with his team, and his second in Formula 1, by achieving first place in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the sixth round of the 2021 F1 season.

Perez, who started seventh at the Baku City Circuit, excelled as he followed a strategy that secured him a second place finish behind teammate Max Verstappen.

However, after Verstappen’s painful retirement after one of his tires exploded with five laps remaining, Perez took the lead, and had to retain first place after continuing the race which was stopped by Verstappen’s withdrawal.

Perez pressed right into the first corner while racing Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, but the latter went off the track, and Perez took control of the pole position, win the race, and then stopped his car on the spot due to a hydraulic problem he suffered throughout the race.

Race report: Perez wins first with Red Bull, Verstappen withdraws

Perez said, “I am very happy, frankly. Racing in Baku has always been crazy. First of all, I have to say that I am sorry about what happened with Max Verstappen, because he did amazingly throughout the race, and he deserved to win.”

He continued: “Achieving the first and second place double was great for the team. But in the end, this day was amazing for me. I was very close to dropping out, but fortunately I could cross the finish line.”

وأضاف: ” The task was difficult until he passed the quadrangle. I had a bad start, when I continued, with Hamilton on my side but I was determined not to miss out on the race.”

ویتع: “I delayed the braking a lot, and he did the same but it didn’t work for him.”


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