‘Peace of concierge’ and throwing a cake… A ring of fire and Maryam Nour slaps Tammam Bliq in the face!


Tammam Blake’s episode was not like its predecessors yesterday, so he hosted Mrs. Maryam Nour, who ignited the “Bla cipher” program after she asked Blake and the preparation team to stop filming and leave her home after she refused to accept a veil given to her by Blake as a gift. So, Mrs. Maryam Nour was agitated and threw the cake that the presenter had brought her on the occasion of her birthday into the bathroom, and entered her room and “painted the doorman”. Then, she slapped Blake in the face, and he accused her of not appearing on any program without paying her in advance. For those who watched the fiery episode, they noticed the tense atmosphere that prevailed, and the usual withdrawal of Mrs. Maryam Nour from every program hosted by her.


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