Pay attention to vitamin D.. Researchers discover a link between its deficiency and a serious scourge


Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital say a lack of vitamin D drives cravings for opioids.

The vitamin, which is described as reducing the effects of infection with the Corona virus, is produced naturally in the human body after exposure to sunlight.

Therefore, not getting enough outdoors means “a possible increased risk of dependence (on opioids) and addiction,” according to the research, which was published yesterday in the journal Science Advances.

For those who live in areas that don’t get much sun, vitamin D supplementation can help tackle the “persistent scourge of opioid addiction.”

Analyzes of health records showed that patients with even “moderately low levels of vitamin D were” “50% more likely than those with normal levels of opioid use” while those with severe deficiency were 90% more likely. .

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