Patriarch Al-Rahi: Is the reason behind not forming a government behind the failure to hold parliamentary and presidential elections?


Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi affirmed that “if the political officials were humble and loving, they would be stripped of their interests and reconciled with politics and the state, and they would not have brought the country to this decline of political and social misery.”

During the Divine Liturgy on the eighth anniversary of Lebanon’s dedication to the Immaculate Heart of Mary from the Basilica of Harissa, Al-Rahi pointed out that “the officials are trying to save their souls and interests, not to save the country. organization of community life.

Al-Ra’i pointed out that “the officials do not care about the Lebanese people, who can no longer tolerate injustice. He pointed out that the people can no longer tolerate the crime of bombing the port of Beirut, and a small glimmer of hope has emerged by gradually paying the depositors’ money.”

He asked: “Is there an intention behind the failure of the government to write parliamentary and presidential elections? And perhaps there is an intention to bring down Lebanon 100 years after its formation of an independent state.”

Al-Rahi stressed: “We will not be taken into account by the turbulent reality and the fleeting force. We are a people who do not die even if we get to the core. Therefore, we will not allow this scheme to be completed, and we will not allow the fall of our great nation, and we will not allow the democratic system of Lebanon to be changed, and we will not allow its identity to be falsified, and we will not allow the distortion of the civilized life of the Lebanese.”

Al-Rahi went to the United Nations, asking to save Lebanon from collapse and bankruptcy. He also appealed to the World Health Organization to put its hand on the health situation in Lebanon and respond to its needs in terms of medicines and medical materials.


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